Location: Elopements


Erin & Zachary – Arenal Springs Resort

Lately, I’ve been traveling often to the Arenal area to photograph many elopements in the Fortuna Waterfall. The location is simply magical and it’s the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. This is one of my favorite weddings. Erin and Zack are a young couple that has been waiting since high school to get married. Her dress was one of my favorite ones ever. That vintage vibe makes me smile… she actually got it at Macy’s! I was honored to be part of this day. They got ready at the Arenal Springs Resort, beutiful place! You might want to check it out if you are planning to get married in Arenal. Naraya Hotel is gorgeous as well and they have excellent food! Thanks to Meghan Cox! She is THE one to go to plan and coordinate an elopement/wedding in this area…


Gary & Dana // Xandari Resort & Spa

Elopements are my favorite events by far! Dana and Gary planned this special day a while ago and even though they’ll have a big celebration with family and friends in a couple of weeks they decided to promise to each other their love by themselves and live the moment to the fullest. Just me, the lawyer and musician where part of their special moment and we felt truly honored.



Coby & Tina – Manuel Antonio

Coby y Tina tuvieron una invitada a su boda, un abogado y una paracaidista. Fue un verdadero privilegio estar presente para verlos hacer un compromiso tan personal e íntimo. En cuanto mi BFF Anita y yo llegamos a la casa donde se hospedaban nos recibieron con calidez y amor. En realidad el plan original es que Ana se iba a la playa mientras yo bretiaba pero Tina la invitó a venir y fue la mejor cosa que hizo, porque al final terminó vistiendo a la novia, jalando chunches y tomando el video.

Me encanta la intimidad de los “elopements” y este fue todavía más cool porque son unos loquillos y estaban dispuestos ha hacer lo que yo les pidiera con tal de tener las fotos más cool del mundo :D Realmente los recordaré como una pareja especial con un corazón grande y un espíritu aventurero.


Coby and Tina had one guest, a lawyer and a wedding crasher at their wedding. It was truly privilege to be there and to see them make this intimate and personal commitment to each other. As soon as we got there, they were warm and full of love for us. My BFF, Anita, came along with me to Manuel Antonio and the initial plan was for her to hang out at the beach while I did the pics for the couple. But as soon as we got there, Tina invited Anita to come along with the biggest, warmest smile. Thank goodness she did, because Anita ended up being the one who laced up the wedding gown, held my equipment and did the wedding video with their little camera :D
I love the intimacy of elopements and this one was even cooler since the couple ended up doing some crazy stuff for the sake of awesome photography! I just loved them and will remember them as a special couple, with a big heart and a spirit of adventure.



Gilles & Cindy * Hotel Shawanda, Puerto Viejo

Cindy y Gilles vinieron desde la tierra canadiense para casarse en la hermosa Playa Chiquita (Después de Puerto Viejo, Limón).  Con solo tres invitados (cada uno con su respectivo hijo y la mejor amiga de Cindy) esta boda fue la definición de intimidad. Genuinos, sencillos y llenos alegría: mi tipo de pareja preferida! Cuando una pareja decide hacer este tipo de unión (los gringos le llaman elopement) fotográficamente hablando la dinámica es completamente diferente, aunque uno no quiera uno se convierte en un invitado más, para mí es un privilegio no merecido.




Cindy and Gilles came from Canadian lands to marry at beautiful Playa Chiquita (after Puerto Viejo, Limón). With only three guests (the bride and groom with their respective son and Cindy’s best friend) this wedding was the epitome of intimacy. They were genuine, simple and full of joy—just my kind of couple! When a couple decides to do an elopement, photographically speaking the dynamic is completely different: you end up becoming a guest like any other. For me this was an undeserved privilege.

Organized by the divine Samantha Kohn
Officiated by Marcelo Galli (lawyer)