Location: Cala Luna


Sara & Wes // Cala Luna Langosta Beach Wedding

This guys are so good looking it’s hard to take bad photos. The always gorgeous hotel Cala Luna in Langosta Beach, made the perfect location to make their dream come true. To be with each other, with the people they love in a place they love. Enjoy the photos!

Published on:
February 1, 2014 4:09 am
Cala Luna, Langosta

Brandy & Anthony // Cala Luna Hotel Beach Wedding

This was probably one of the most challenging weddings I’ve shot in a few weeks but probably one of the most romantic. Rainy season makes things a lot more complicated but it also brings a blessed atmosphere. I was delighted to see that the Brandy and Anthony didn’t stop their plans to get married at the beach and had all the umbrellas ready for the guests, it made it so special and different! Brandy and Anthony have 3 kids and they were a huge part of their union celebration, hanging out with them during the getting ready made it triple fun and crazy! I was honored to photograph not only these two people but also their whole family who lived up to their Georgian culture and their love for one another.


Rayann & Shaun // Cala Luna Hotel Wedding

This gorgeous wedding took place in Cala Luna‘s Hotel beach front, later we went to the Langosta Beach Club to party! Hanging out with this family was great, they where a great mix of latinos (colombian) and american, super fun!