Location: Gaia Hotel


Magdalena & Lance – Hotel Gaia, Manuel Antonio

I felt like the luckiest photographer alive when I saw this bride for the first time, she reminds me of the gorgeous 60s actresses, that still had curves and rocked them with such elegance and style. The Hotel Gaia is just beautiful and it gave us the chance to do all kinds of sceneries, from the beautiful beach, the greenery to some pretty cool concrete parts of the hotel. The wedding ceremony took place around 10 a.m., not a usual time for beach weddings witch usually go for the “sunset photos”. It was fun to work with a different, challenging kind of lighting, at that time, the sun starts to give full power and shadows in people’s faces can be very unflattering. Nevertheless, I loved the plans, they wanted some ceremony photos, around 1.5 hours of portraits, they planned to get a whole day of fun on a Catamaran with their family and friends.

I was not for the Catamaran part, so, no pics about that part, but here are my favorites of that morning:

Published on:
January 14, 2013 3:35 pm
Gaia Hotel, Manuel Antonio