Location: Montezuma


Erlend & Kristina // Wedding at Montezuma Costa Rica

Erlend and Kristina came all the way from Norway with their gorgeous 3 kids to look for a place to get married and bring their family to celebrate with them. The looking took just a few days and once they visited the amazing Ylang Ylang Hotel in Montezuma, no other place seemed right. A few weeks later, their family joined them and this amazing day happened.

This amazing wedding dress was designed by the lovely norwegian designer Cecilie Melli.


Byron & Ericka // Ylang Ylang Montezuma Wedding

Ericka and Byron are probably the most easy going and relaxed couple I’ve seen in a long time. They just had one goal for this day, get married and have fun. The rest was an extra. Talk about straight priorities! The day in Montezuma was absolutely perfect and the location of Ylang Ylang Resort is perfect, more far apart from the town making it more intimate, this place is in my top 10 locations in Costa Rica to get married. I dreamo of planning a vow renewal with the hubby located here… Maybe in a few years? In the meantime I’ll stay put with other people’s weddings in this gorgeous spot.


Moraya & Emma // Ylang Ylang Montezuma Wedding

Moraya’s family owns the amazing Ylang Ylang hotel, if you choose this spectacular location to get married, chances are this lovely couple will be the ones in charge of your wedding. I felt incredibly honored to be chosen by them to shoot their wedding after all, they know quiet a few of wedding vendors and photographers.

The ceremony at the beach was so beautiful not only because of the gorgeous scenery but also for the love you could feel among the guests and specially between this couple.  There is no describing to Moraya’s face when Emma walked down the isle and one could tell the immense feel of peace and assurance that the couple had as they took one of the biggest steps of their lives.

Lawyer/officiant: Ana Castro

Party Music: DJ Luz

Flowers: Rodrigo Vazquez


Lindsay & Rene // Ylang Ylang Montezuma Wedding

I had to add many photos of this absolutely gorgeous location. It was so much fun to shoot this wedding in such a fun hotel, by the way, with amazing food! I highly recommend it, it has became one of my favorite wedding spots. One of the awesome things about it is that you have to take a 4×4 truck (for about just 5 minutes) to get to the hotel, through the beach that is. This makes the beach front of the hotel, more intimate than most places. This means, no one walking around the beach but the wedding guests. That kind of intimacy also brings a special feel to the whole event. Specially with such a cool, laid back couple as Lindsay and Rene. Their two little boys where a delight and it was so much fun to watch them do the little misfits do all kinds of stuff like sticking their finger on the cake and taking a little pee right next to the couple’s table. I can’t wait to go back and do more weddings in this awesome place with more awesome people!


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