I’m Ale. I’m a awedding photographer from Costa Rica. I offer some genuine handmade Costa Rican awesome photography for you to take to your own home, wherever it might be. I’m 28 years old (born November 15) and married to an amazingly handsome American/Dominican! My Costa Rican friends call me “Ale”, my gringo friends and family call me “Ally” and my hubby calls me kiutiting or esposita (wich means wifey).

The most important thing in my life is to honor God in every area of my life including work. The best way I’ve found to do so is always trying to capture the beauty of every relationship and the extraordinary love that a couple feels on their wedding day.

I hope that every time you see your wedding album you will re-live how you felt about each other on that special day. Maybe it will be a little reminder of your decision to love no matter what, a proof of your love for each other, and an encouragement even when you feel like giving up. How powerful wedding photography can be!



* I shoot with Nikon digital and always bring back up equipment.

* I shoot a limited amount of weddings per year (around 30)

* This year I celebrated my 7th year as a wedding photographer! wooop wooop!

* You will see your wedding images around 3 weeks after the event.

*The number of images delivered on destination weddings goes around 80 per shooting hour.* I think wedding photography is the most important investment… in the end, it’s the memory of everything else you invest in!



* You want to experience Costa Rican culture, say NO! to big chain hotels and support ecotourism.

* You look to support Costa Rica’s economy by hiring awesome Costa Rican vendors.

* You think photography is the bomb!* You enjoy farting and long walks on the beach.

* You can laugh at yourself. Actually, you laugh a lot about anything.

* When you see boring wedding photography you wish you were dead.

* You think authenticity is radical.

* You bring the awesomeness!